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CITY POP | Part 3 | FLAC | Vaporwave: The Originals

Hitomi Tohyama | SEXY ROBOT (1983)
Catalogue number: TWCP-37
Release date: 2013.07.03

Hitomi Tohyama | Next Door (1983)
Catalogue number: TWCP-38
Release date: 2013.07.03

Kimiko Kasai | TOKYO SPECIAL (1977)
Catalogue number: SICJ 116
Release date: 2015.11.11

Mariko Tone | Golden Best
Catalogue number: TKCA-72799
Release date: 2004.12.22

MARLENE with Seawind | Summer Nights (1982)
Catalogue number: SICP 5529
Release date: 2017.08.23

MARLENE Looking for Love (1984)
Catalogue number: SICJ 279
Release date: 2017.11.08

Meiko Nakahara - Twin Best (2CD)
Catalogue number: TOCT-10286/7
Release date: 1998.05.13

Miho Nakayama - Summer Breeze (1986)
Catalogue number: KICS 3263
Release date: 2015.10.14

Miho Nakayama - CATCH THE NITE (1988)
Catalogue number: KICS 3266
Release date: 2015.10.14

Minako Yoshida - LIGHT'N UP (1982)
Catalogue number: MHCL 415
Release date: 2004.08.18

UKO - Saturday boogie holiday
Catalogue number: PDCR-008
Release date: 2016.04.13


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70's Robot Anime GEPPY-X

Release:1999 Catalog: TOCT-24088 Format: MP3-320 DOWNLOAD

JAM Project 20th Anniversary Complete BOX | LOSSLESS

Release: 2020-01-01 Catalog: LACA-9700~20 Format: FLAC / MP3-320 TRACKLIST
Content 1 BEST Project ~JAM Project Best Collection~ 2 JAM FIRST PROCESS 3 FREEDOM ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION Ⅱ~ 4 JAM-ISM ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION Ⅲ~ 5 Olympia ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION Ⅳ~ 6 Big Bang ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION Ⅴ~ 7 Get over the Border ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION Ⅵ~ 8 SEVENTH EXPLOSION ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION Ⅶ~ 9 MAXIMIZER ~Decade of Evolution~ 10 JAM Project Symphonic Album Victoria Cross 11 GOING ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION Ⅷ~ 12 THE MONSTERS ~THE MONSTERS Ⅸ~ 13 THUMB RISE AGAIN 14 X cures Earth ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION X~ 15 X less force ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION Ⅺ~ 16 JAM Project 15th Anniversary STRONG BEST ALBUM MOTTO! MOTTO!! -2015- 17 AREA Z 18 THUNDERBIRD ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION Ⅻ~ 19 TOKYO DIVE 20 A-ROCK ~JAM Project BEST COLLECTION XⅢ~ 21 JAM Project Foreign Language Song Collection
Jam Project - The Age of Dragon Knights

KAMEN RIDER ZERO-ONE: Hi-Res Audio (24bit/48kHz) | FLAC

KAMEN RIDER ZERO-ONE THEME & INSERT BEST SONG COLLECTION Audio format: 24bit/48kHz (Hi-Res Audio) Catalog number: ANTCD-A0000002468 Release date: 2020.09.30 DOWNLOAD

KAMEN RIDER ZERO-ONE TV ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK Audio format: 24bit/48kHz (Hi-Res Audio) Catalog number: ANTCD-A0000002467 Release date: 2020.09.30 DOWNLOAD
KAMEN RIDER REIWA THE FIRST GENERATION ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Audio format: 24bit/48kHz (Hi-Res Audio) Catalog number: ANTCD-A0000002461 Release date: 2020.09.30 DOWNLOAD
Credits and our thanks to: Gustavaum